If you have a good photograph of a cultivar listed in the First Class database, we would be very happy if you would be willing to submit it for inclusion in the database.

While digital photographs (either from a digital camera or scanned from a photographic print) are preferred, we will accept photographic prints as well. Prints can be mailed to:

Joe Bruns
1220 Stratford Lane
Hanover Park, IL 60133-2667

Write the name of the plant on the back of the photo with a felt-tip pen, or attach a printed label to the back of the photo.

Digital photographs can be sent as e-mail attachments, or if you have an album posted on the Internet, send the URL (web site address) to

In either case, please give the name of the photographer, so that proper photo credit can be given. You do not need to list the name of the grower of the plant.

All photos in First Class are copyrighted, and are for personal use only.

Many are curious to learn how photographs are chosen for First Class, as they see a number of them that are of mediocre quality (and even a few that to use the description 'mediocre' would be kind). Take a look at the Photograph Criteria page to find out.

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