Personal vs Commercial Use of Photos

The photos in the First Class database are for personal use only. What constitutes personal use, as opposed to commercial use? Here are some examples of personal use:

  • Making labels for plants in your personal collection
  • Making labels to sell leaves or starter plants at a club show
  • A personal web site, where the photos are not being used to sell leaves or plants

Here are some examples of commercial use, where you may not use the photos from the First Class database — doing so would be considered a copyright violation:

  • Making labels for plants being sold as part of a commercial business*
  • Listings on eBay or other auction sites
  • Commercial catalogs
  • Commercial web sites where leaves or plants are being sold
  • Merchandise such as mugs, plates, jewelry, etc. with photos
    (for sale commercially)

The contributors of the photos have done so with the understanding that the users will abide by these guidelines, and we don't want to discourage further contributions. These guidelines also pertain to photos found in AVSA's African Violet Magazine and on AVSA's web site.

You might try contacting the contributors to ask for permission to use their photos in your particular case. (Many of them would not object.) And lastly, if you contributed a photo you may, of course, use that photo in any manner you wish.

*You may use First Class to make labels without photos, even for commercial purposes. Also, if you add your own photos to the database (using Edit | Add Photo...), you may use those photos to make labels for commercial purposes.

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