Problem: Labels don't print properly. They either print in landscape mode, or the photos don't line up properly with the text.

The most likely problem is that the default printer settings in your printer driver are not set up properly. Unlike sophisticated word processing applications, First Class prints to your printer using its default settings.

For example, if the labels are being printed in landscape mode, the printer driver default setting is probably landscape mode instead of the normal portrait mode. To change it, Click on Start | Control Panel. Double-click on Printers (or Printers and Faxes). Right-click on the printer with the problem, and choose Properties from the pop-up list (at the bottom). Each printer driver is different, so look around on the various tabs to see where you can select the mode, and change it from landscape to portrait. You might need to click a button labeled Default Settings... or something like that.

If the photos are not lined up properly with the descriptions, the paper size may be set to something other than Letter size. As in the above example, access the Properties dialog box for your printer. Look for a drop-down list box where you can select paper size (e.g. Letter, Legal, A4, etc.). Make sure that Letter size is chosen. If you still have a problem, then you might need to select Custom size and set the paper size to 8½" x 11" (which is Letter size, but sometimes this needs to be done).

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