Problem: I am getting a new computer. How can I transfer my files without having to re-install First Class and downloading all the updates?

Send a message to with your database update password. State that you are transfering First Class to a new computer. Include the operating system of the new computer (Windows 7 or whatever). You will be sent a link to a file that you can download. That file will install the latest version of First Class and the current database. (If you don't have a current database update password, you can still download a file that will install First Class, and you will be given instructions on how to transfer your database.)

After you install First Class from that file, you will have to transfer any personal data that you have (if any). Transfer the files by copying them to a flash/thumb drive or sending them to yourself by e-mail. Unless otherwise noted, the files can be found in your First Class folder (C:\First Class if you chose the default), and you will transfer them to the same folder on your new computer. Here's what to look for:

  • If you have a user database, transfer the files udb.dat and udblist.dat to your new computer.
  • If you have personal notes for any cultivars, transfer the file notes.dat to your new computer.
  • If you have print lists, transfer any files with a .LST extension (ex. chimeras.lst).
  • If you have any text files (for spreadsheets or whatever), transfer any files with a .TXT extension.
  • If you have added any of your own photos, look in the \photos subfolder and transfer any JPEG photos with the filename ending in 'a' or 'd' (ex. 5249d.jpg or U24a.jpg). The easiest way to find them is to use the search function of My Computer or Windows Explorer. Type in *a.jpg for one search and *d.jpg for the other. On your new computer save the files in the \photos subfolder of your First Class folder.

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