Problem: I haven't gotten an update in quite a while. I know my subscription is paid up.

Database updates are posted around the first of January, March, May, July, September, and November. It's up to you to update your database. Unlike version 1, you don't need e-mail notification in order to update. As the famous Nike slogan says, "Just do it." Read page 8 of your instructions:

"To update, you will first need to establish an Internet connection. Open First Class and select File | Update Database... from the menu. You will be prompted to enter the password, and from then on everything is automatic."

(If you have version 2.3.0 or later, click on the Update Database tab and click the Check for Updates button.)

NOTE: You may have submitted your e-mail address to get on the update reminder list. This is just a courtesy reminder. If you changed your e-mail address and didn't sign up again with the new e-mail address, the reminder message will bounce, and your e-mail address will be removed from the list. Go to the home page to sign up again.

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